The Center

1101 N. Vandemark Rd.
Sidney, OH

TTY and 711 Services Accessible

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Evening hours
available by appointment

Crisis Hotline

Hope Line


“for social support and a caring friend to talk to”




Open Assessments

Each day 3 assessment times are available to the clients. If more than 3 individuals come to the agency, they will be asked to complete intake documentation and return to the agency on the assessment day to complete the assessment. The font desk will keep a list of those who are to return the following assessment time. They will need to arrive at the beginning of the assessment time to be given first appointment time on that day.

Please note that each client will be assessed and given a follow up appointment the following week to complete a treatment plan and engage in services. At that appointment the client will be set up with their permanent counselor. Each person will be matched with the most appropriate clinician for a client centered treatment.

**In need of an interpreter? Please contact the agency at (and the support staff will schedule an appointment so an interpreter can be present for the appointment. 

Mental Health

Day                     Time                    Insurance
Monday      11:30am-1:30pm        Medicare, Medicaid, Anthem, private insurance
Tuesday      8:30am-10:30am       Medicaid, Anthem, Private insurance
Thursday    11:30am-1:30pm        Medicaid

Drug and Alcohol

Day                     Time                    Insurance
Monday         8:30am-10:30am     Medicaid
Tuesday        12:30pm-2:30pm     Medicaid
                      8:30am-10:30am     Only Anthem Insurance
Thursday       8:30am-10:30am     Medicaid
Friday            12:30pm-2:30pm     Medicaid

**As clinicians are added to the agency additional day and times will open for additional assessment times.

Download a copy of our recent EAP Brochure here outlining our services offered at SCCC.